Saturday, July 23, 2011

Change is in the Air?

We had another Workamping couple leave due to what sounded like a minor disagreement. In reality, they were at odds with the management team here for some time and; I guess, had had enough. It is difficult to find quality, people oriented managers in this business. Most campground's "busy seasons" are in the heat of summer, which frays nerves too. There are also "spurts" where you seem to stay busy for days on end. America still holds on to that tradition of taking summer vacation with the kids. The hotel is also busy and we have seen an uptick in business travel. This is our first experience at having outlasted Workampers (and permanent employees) at an assignment. We are proud of that as this job has had its challenges.
We finally finished and submitted our applications for "gate guarding" which will be our winter work. We are relieved to have "our ducks in a row" with that and are awaiting notification of where and when we will report. I guess more changes are coming soon for us.
A blog will follow soon with more info as to where we are headed and when.