Sunday, October 16, 2016

Rolling in the Muck

Fair warning; this will be political in nature. I am left to ponder and grieve over the loss of civility in both our nation and its election process. I have long maintained and will keep repeating that the ills of this country can be attributed to a loss of morals. It really is that simple. Both the candidates for president are from the cusp, or transition, of the end of what was known as the greatest generation. I think the degradation started with the beat generation and then the wholesale change that evolved from the turbulent sixties. I remember growing up amidst that change thinking how odd it was that we had a household so steeped in structure and discipline. I now know that that was the last of the era of the nuclear family. I also realize that it made me who I am. Flawed as I am; that discipline and structure saved me many a time in life. I do not consider myself a homophobe or the judge of how others comport themselves. But; in my eyes, having that nuclear family and being raised with discipline and morals makes an overall better person. We have had several generations grow up in this new, loose and undisciplined world and I defy you to say we are better off. I do not know how you close Pandora's box and I doubt that you can. This leads to the Sodom and Gomorrah world we now live in and the candidates it has produced. Say what you want about either one, but they are both full of malice and infected with avarice. They have both lived a life so detached from the "average Joe" that they have no feel for the pulse of this country. With the degradation of morality came the influx of sin, with money being the fuel behind it. Money has destroyed our political process and, along with the fear of losing power, causes even the best of men to stray from the path. Perhaps the saddest aspect of this whole deal is the manner in which we are perceived by the rest of the world. You don't suppose that the candidates have thought about that; do you?