Monday, July 11, 2016

No Drivel Zone

Many a blogger has admonished fellow bloggers not to publish just for the sake of publishing. Such is the plight I have found myself in. I apologize that I've not regaled you with some sort of post for over a month; but not much is happening. When the wind got taken out of the sails of oil exploration; due to over zealous exploration and production (amongst other things), and things slowed to a crawl here, so did most of the fodder for my blog.

The writing was/is on the wall and it's foreboding as far as gate guarding goes. Not to blow my own horn, but I said repeatedly that slackers would eventually have a hard time finding work. Conversely, I also said that those that showed a little initiative and carried themselves professionally would fill what positions were left during/after the glut. Well, all that and more has come to fruition. Positions/gates are slim to none (even for summer) and only the best; for the most part, are filling them. We have supported and remained loyal to J&G and they have been very good to us. They gave us short term and 12 hour gates during our medical issues (plus free rent) and; during the worst of the slowdown, found us private security work outside of the oil field.

Knowing what we know, plus a host of medical issues, has provided impetus to our  search for alternative employment. Plus, I'm not getting any younger. Recently we tested the waters of the small business world; purchasing, repairing and selling drones. Things have progressed to the point that we have opened another outlet at a second flea market. This week was our best in sales yet! Logistics are slowing our expansion as we just don't have the room in the 5th wheel to take on more inventory. That may be for the best now, but eventually we'll need to figure something out. Wish us luck!

Finally, I find it hard to keep my opinions in check, what with the status of this country. We have two equally corrupt (each in their own way) candidates with no alternative choices. The old men smoking cigars in the backroom have reared their ugly heads as never before. The fix is in and the popular vote ain't going to mean squat this election cycle. I mean no disrespect to supporters of either candidate, but can you rationally step back and truly say yours is the answer to the crushing problems of this country? I mean, what does it say about us when all we have to offer is Trump and Clinton?

As far as race relations go; a lot of folks just need to get their heads out of their asses. And those that would turn this and other issues into a "gun grab' should be ashamed of themselves. I sincerely hope that the ambush and killing of police officers and other law enforcement personnel is not a portend of the civil war I have feared. There are deep rooted issues in play here; but the erosion of nationalism in this country; in my opinion, is the primary issue. Uncontrolled borders and lack of assimilation has destroyed what America is all about. Americans are not from Africa or Germany or any other country you might want to mention. We are simply Americans (or should be), united under one flag, and damn proud of it. Plus, I dare say, the vast majority of those calling themselves anything other than American, have not come within spitting distance of the country they supposedly came from. It's gotten to the point that displays of patriotism are a rarity and even looked down upon. How sad and "nuff said".