Saturday, August 31, 2013


One of the definitions of ruminate is to mull something over. Well I think we have a ton of things to mull over. Here's a few.

Almost five years in and we have accomplished little or nothing under the Obama administration. I mean can anyone seriously say we have? After expending all of his political capitol on Obama Care, Obama was left with a rudderless, partisan administration and party. And shame on the Republicans for not taking the initiative and presenting a strong plank to win back the voters and try to repair things. The lack of direction is apparent throughout Obama's administration. Cabinet posts come and go like a revolving door, department positions, including heads, remain unfilled and partisan politics (that scream for leadership) have left Washington in a morass. There are tons of examples; but we still have not resolved what to do about our fluid borders and illegal immigrants, our decades old power grids, our deteriorating roads and bridges, our overtaxed judicial system and overflowing jails and the burden of a deficit that our grand kids will be repaying. And somehow we find the blood and treasure to expend on a muddled foreign policy-don't even get me going there. Meanwhile Hillary is stirring the waters in an unapologetic bid to run for the presidency again. If you don't know how that segue fit then you may be part of the problem.
Now we are on the brink of attacking a country embroiled in a bloody civil war.  I'm not sure what bothers me more-the actual bombing or the fact that John Kerry actually believes it will teach Assad a lesson. Note to the Secretary of State-chemical weapons have been in use in the middle east (and elsewhere) for a long time. Have we already forgotten about Hussein? Unfortunately atrocities happen with regularity on this planet. Where were these warmongers when genocide was occurring in Africa or when Pol Pot wiped out millions? Our propensity for twisting facts to fit situations has worn down not only our war weary country, but our allies as well. So with little or no support it looks like we will again meddle in the affairs of a country that doesn't want or need us there. By the way, did I mention the Russians have thwarted every effort we have made to interfere in Syria and they back the Assad regime. Where have I heard this before...HMMM?!? By sticking to his guns in spite of worldwide opposition, Obama has again put the reputation of the United States on shaky ground. He no longer has (or never had) a mandate and will be looked down upon if the bombing occurs and he (and the American people) will look weak if we back down.

I haven't found whatever it is that continues to motivate our politicians to meddle where we are clearly not wanted. Some might argue where we are also not needed. Vietnam was a watershed moment where the American people made it clear that they objected to our country's course of action. I found our involvement in the Middle East to be equally if not more objectionable. I also believe the majority of Americans agree with me. It is both tragic and eye opening that folks just seem incapable of seizing the opportunity and voicing that objection.

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