Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ready, Set, GO!

We have a departure date of September 5th! We will use the holiday as a travel day to Muskogee, OK where I will renew my drivers license. Also, Missy will use some of the time to visit with her son. Moving is always traumatic and expensive. Traumatic, in that everything needs to be tied down and/or secured for travel. Expensive, because...where do I start? We undocked and made a shakedown run to fill the tank-that was around $200. We changed the oil-another $100. We replaced the fuel and air compressor filters-another $150. We had to renew the coach registration-another $100. We renewed the Emergency Roadside Service contract-another $100. It all adds up and ratchets up the trauma. At least we're hyped about the change in jobs and the chance to make a little more money. As far as the travel part goes; I love it. I wish I had the funds to do it all the time.We leave here on a good note and with recommendations which is always good in the workamping world. I will re post when we get settled-unless opportunity presents itself en route.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More Musings

This will be one of my rambles again. ( -: We lost yet another couple here. They said the "husband half" of the couple couldn't work in the heat due to his asthma and needed to go back to Kansas (where it's been even hotter) to see their doctor. I think they had ulterior motives, but it's water under the bridge.

We are down to two couples and have been here the longest. Didn't think that would ever happen, did you?? So; at least Missy will have to work extra hours in the office where it's needed most. Meanwhile we have been in touch with our winter employer and are finalizing details so that a date can be set and a place  for us to go to. We are a little anxious about gate guarding, but we've done a ton of research and are ready as we'll ever be. Meanwhile our current employer is nervously waiting for our departure date. It's nice to be wanted which is something we lacked last winter. Even our previous employer is courting us for fall work.

Am I the only one that is REALLY concerned about the economy? They talk about a double dip recession,but I think we've never pulled out of one. Our traditional savings "storehouses" are being assailed-homes have no equity and banks can't pay decent returns on savings. Even bonds from government and municipalities offer little return. Gold and other precious metals have skyrocketed, but try to sell some at or near its current price. As we stagger towards a world economy and a universal money (or some sort of digital monetary system) I wonder about the warnings in Revelation about just such things occurring. Maybe the Antichrist is already here! Regretfully, our middle or service class has eroded to third world levels. People's skills are no longer rewarded or appreciated. On top of that we have a failing infrastructure nationwide and a lack of respect for authority and government. I fear for my grandchildren and hope we can pull out of this tailspin.

I think that's enuf! Think about it.