Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ready, Set, GO!

We have a departure date of September 5th! We will use the holiday as a travel day to Muskogee, OK where I will renew my drivers license. Also, Missy will use some of the time to visit with her son. Moving is always traumatic and expensive. Traumatic, in that everything needs to be tied down and/or secured for travel. Expensive, because...where do I start? We undocked and made a shakedown run to fill the tank-that was around $200. We changed the oil-another $100. We replaced the fuel and air compressor filters-another $150. We had to renew the coach registration-another $100. We renewed the Emergency Roadside Service contract-another $100. It all adds up and ratchets up the trauma. At least we're hyped about the change in jobs and the chance to make a little more money. As far as the travel part goes; I love it. I wish I had the funds to do it all the time.We leave here on a good note and with recommendations which is always good in the workamping world. I will re post when we get settled-unless opportunity presents itself en route.

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