Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Matter of Perspective

I believe we truly found the middle of nowhere. Our last gate was just outside of Fowlerton, TX-basically a wide spot on highway 97 (no offense meant to any Fowlerton residents or fans). Our Virgin phones and Internet were useless and we were forced to buy an AT&T phone to communicate. Missy was muy upset about the loss of phone and Internet service so that was a no brainer. We are taking a short break after being in the oil patch since September with just a day or two off here and there between rig moves. Now, my dear readers know that I don't cotton to all this new fangled technology. In a previous post I alluded to how I can get by with little or no phone service. I'm not big on texting, video games or Twitter either. After a day or two I was resigned to the loss of the Internet. My biggest fret was the inability to publish my blog and to e mail my family. God bless satellite TV! Man that made life a little more bearable, for sure. Being connected to city water and electric is a big change. Not having to ration water and depend on a generator will do that to you. I still find myself conserving water, a pavlonian response from having done it so long. Anyway, the isolation, lack of Internet, health issues, et al. took its toll. My dear friend and companion decided to head home for a while. Missy is gone and it is a different home now. There are so many things that are easier to do with a second set of hands in a motorhome! I still hold out hope of finding a solo gate or work here or in the oil patch somewhere. 

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