Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Every time I think human beings cannot act more depraved or disgusting, someone comes along doing something I’ve never heard. A couple was recently arraigned for using cats and dogs in some bizarre sex act that involved torturing the animals-primarily by crushing them. Apparently this is some sort of recognized sexual fetish? Even further disgusting, they filmed these acts and sold them to other depraved perverts out there. The charges were so graphic and disgusting that the judge stopped them from being read in court. I write this only to inform-I’m sure my dear readers will find it as disgusting as I did. Do you think they can lock these people up in kennel size cages and feed them pet food and water for life? I can’t make this up people!
While a lot of us were concerned about the Republican delegates (who are gathering in Tampa, FL) being affected by a hurricane, their handlers apparently weren’t. The powers to be are scurrying around trying to figure out how to shorten the convention to three days and not offend those who will be scratched from the speaking schedule. Apparently there is also a logistical nightmare in the works because umbrellas are not allowed inside the convention center. Got to have those priorities folks!
Moving onto the RV repair-we have tried every method of persuasion that we know of to get the mechanic motivated to no avail. I am so stressed out that my health (and Missy’s) is being affected. The dogs and cats are tired of living in a shoe box, too. If I had a pot of gold I could have had the engine changed in about a week. I just couldn’t afford to pay Freightliner or Cummins that much money. The transmission has been serviced and the old engine has been removed. The replacement engine needed some things swapped over and adapted to it. I sincerely hope they are installing the replacement engine this week.

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