Friday, October 25, 2013

I Don't Know Where I'm Going

I get the "I don't know where I'm going" quite often in the oil patch. After I ask if he can call someone (or if I can peruse his directions) (and/or his phone doesn't work out here and I offer to let him use my home) the reply sometimes is "Why; he doesn't know anymore than I do?" Really? Then comes the looks and berating because I won't allow them to drive around on the lease and try to figure out where they belong. If you have business to do on my lease, at the very least I would like you to give me your name, the name of your company and the name and/or number of the well you're going to. I also have a similar discussion that becomes more and more earnest when someone insists they're going to a site that I know is not on the lease. Even more irritating is our lack of knowledge. I have repeatedly asked for a map for our lease so that I at least have a rough idea where everything is to no avail. Today I had a company man come in who didn't bother to slow down long enough to introduce himself. Turns out he was in charge of a work over rig that no one bothered to tell us was coming in. Our primary focus is on knowing who is out here and where so that an accounting can be made should something happen. Since we're here to help protect the folks that are working out here; you'd think they'd be more appreciative. I really don't mind helping folks out; it just gets out of hand sometimes. Most GPS devices have the capability of locating using latitude and longitude; something the exploration companies have used for some time since lease roads rarely exist on a map. I'm left to wonder how they end up on my doorstep. Finally, at the risk of being redundant, here's a typical example. A truck rolls up and I immediately notice that it's painted with unfamiliar livery; so I am pretty sure he doesn't belong here. When I query the driver he starts to bristle and takes exception to my questions. As is often the case he says he doesn't know the well number or location that he is going to. After looking at his directions, I find he belongs on the lease next to us and I direct him to turnaround. After some "select" comments the driver departs and I called his dispatcher. The dispatcher also had some "select" comments for me and said he'd call back. Turns out he was upset with his driver and he apologized when he called back. He had given the driver directions and a well number and specifically told him not to turn down our county road. That driver was one of several that had committed the same error that week; hence my pursuit of the matter. I truly believe that if someone could quantify the amount of diesel wasted by wandering lost souls in the oil patch it would be alarming. I have actually had drivers roll up to my gate and say they have been looking for our site for hours! I never cease to be amazed at what goes on here in the oil patch.

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  1. October 26, 2013
    Hi Mark
    I get the same type of drivers, to me the worst are the water tankers, with the worst sense of direction. He was at my gate looking for the G pad and I only have A B D E pads from my gate. I had to have him back out of the driveway as that day we were running in caleche to another pad build R 2 and more belly dump trucks were coming soon. He calls his dispatcher and then wants to check the other pads for water removal because I am 6.8 miles from the paved road. Not today back out again.