Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Mom

Everyone, almost without fail, will sound the praises of their mother. While I'll not argue about the virtues of the rest of the Moms out there, I will argue that the wife of a career military man or woman is a unique and very special breed. My mother endured years of separation, anxieties that few women will ever know and tests of both her marital bonds and maternal instincts. She was the "parental unit" of the house, responsible for the raising and care of my sister and me. There were countless moves and challenges that she faced, the majority of which she did alone. She was the anchor of our nomadic family and I have always admired her for that. Those of you that have or have had kids can only imagine what raising them alone must be like. My sister and I did not make it easy on her either. There may be a bond between both parents and a child, but I have no doubt that the bond between my mother and I is the strongest. I love her dearly and she is never far from my thoughts. I wish her only the best and a very Happy Mothers Day.

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