Thursday, September 11, 2014

Taking Stock

This could be a prelim for my annual Markies awards. So much has and is happening in the world that I think it's time to look back and take stock. A lot of our attitude(s) are molded by perspective and, boy, does our perspective seem a little skewed these days.

This marks the sixth month since the disappearance of Malaysia Air Flight 370 and still nothing has been found. While I'm inclined to believe it's on the ocean bottom somewhere, the fact that no debris attributed to the jetliner has been found makes me wonder. While we are on the subject, it is apparent to me that I was correct in that no one will ever be brought to task for the shoot down of the other Malaysia Air jetliner. How tragic both incidents were.

If there ever was any doubt that race relations in this country were (and are) in the toilet, the incident in Ferguson should have erased it. On top of everything else poor leadership was shown by all involved. Even worse is that small business owners suffered mightily at the hands of their own customers. Have you heard of anyone being arrested for looting or destruction of property??

How ironic that depression would stifle the voice of one of the funniest men ever to inhabit this planet. At the very least it should serve as an example of how much work still remains to be done in regards to treating mental illness. The fact that we lost one of the funniest women ever to inhabit this planet soon after is also sobering. Perhaps caution on all of our parts before committing to out patient procedures is warranted.

Where oh where do I go in regards to the appalling lack of leadership in this country. It's like kids in the school yard threatening each other, knowing that neither would follow through. Shame on Congress for threatening the President with a lawsuit (and wasting tax payer dollars) when the Constitution clearly provides  for it in the form of impeachment. Shame on the President for getting on the bully pulpit and then backing down when Congress called his bluff. Where are we when both parties back down and agree to disagree and get nothing done? The double edged sword of term limits gives voters the opportunity to invoke change while at the same time quashing any continuity in policy(ies). You better believe that other countries are watching this all unfold.

Meanwhile terrorists/religious zealots seem to roam the world at will, undeterred in their ultimate goal to establish an Islamic caliphate, or state.  For some reason many still fail to understand that they have no respect for man made borders and that you cannot deal with them in that respect. They see the world as being run by infidels and they won't be satisfied till they are wiped out. I still maintain that we have to slow or stop the trade and sale of weapons before any progress can be made. Surely a government of a fairly large country must be involved; because the last time I checked the local convenience store didn't sell plastique or automatic weapons. 
Hopefully all of you will take at least a moment out of your busy lives and remember those we lost in the attacks of September 11th, 2001. Please also keep in mind our brave men and women who have given so much since that day.


  1. We are our own worst enemy, the weapons that ISIS is using have been supplied by us. Regardless of how they obtained them, they came from us. Had they not gotten them, I am sure someone somewhere would sell them what ever they need for a price, even the good ole US government. War is money. Just ask Dick Cheney, is crusty butt is back at it with a wiff of war in the air. Scary times. Very scary times. I love your blog Mark!! Look forward to every one of them!! Thank you!


  2. I wrote a long comment and it disappeared. I call Missy later this week