Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Anonymity of the Virtual World

There was a time when, if you promised to do something, the person so promised could relax knowing it would be done. This is so hard to put into words. I feel like I've become my dad. This stuff is intertwined with values that have eroded, even disappeared, over the years. Especially in this virtual age. Like a cancer it has affected every fiber of our being. Promise and honor have seemed to have lost their intrinsic value. When I say every fiber, I mean from simple requests to contractual obligations. It's gotten to the point that I am almost always surprised when someone actually does what he or she said they would. It's also gotten to the point that folks actually get riled when; after you have been dissed and burnt, that you have the audacity to contact them and complain. Which brings up contacting. You would think in this virtual world, rife with means of communicating, that getting a hold of somebody wouldn't be difficult. Some how we've turned availability into a means of hiding. I mean; how do you ignore voice mail, FB messaging, Twitter, e-mail, company intranet, et all? I often joke with folks when, after multiple efforts, they finally get back with me. "What would I have done if it was an emergency?" Maybe we have created this virtual world where we feel as if we're in contact with others simply by our presence on the internet? IT'S VIRTUAL, FOLKS-DO I HAVE TO POST THE DEFINITION FOR YOU? For whatever it's worth, I implore everyone to make an effort to not only do what you say you will, but also attempt to answer those voice mails, Twitter, e-mails, etc. Lets all also try to reconnect in the real world.

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