Sunday, February 22, 2015

Some Axioms

Spring, then summer, will eventually come. Hard to believe with all this cold, but true. Apparently the word has finally gotten around that; unless you find some shade somewhere, one air conditioner will struggle to cool an RV in the South Texas summer. Some of the more recalcitrant and ignorant RVers have found their units wanting when it comes to the issue of adding extra air conditioners. At the risk of sounding "preachy", here we go again. Do not buy an RV with 30 amp service if you plan to live and work in it fulltime. It trumps price or any other BS a salesman might tell you. As if you need further proof, many RVs with 50 amp service are already prewired for the second unit.

$100 - 200 is cheap when you start adding up the things that may need repair when you acquire a new or used RV. Pay the money and get the potential unit properly and thoroughly inspected.

While we're on the subject of repairs; purchasing a roadside emergency service plan is like money in the bank. Good Sam EVRS or Coach-Net are two that come to mind. Both can be had for under $150 a year. Avoid AAA or any other provider that does not deal specifically with RVs. I promise you it will pay for itself over time.

Try to keep up with the condition of your rig. It's easy to forget about that big diesel engine in the back of a motorhome; or the generator-wherever it is located. Both should be run regularly, with an electrical load on the generator. Basic things like tread wear, fluid levels, axle bearings and such should be monitored. Those of you towing should lavish attention on your truck. Without it where would you be?

Which leaves us with the final axiom. Ignore theses suggestions at your peril.

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