Sunday, March 8, 2015

Slogging Along

We are on a pipeline and construction gate. Maybe it's the funding (or lack thereof); but the care and maintenance of a gate guard pad is not even on their radar. That is one of the very few regrets we have about this type of gate guarding. Especially since the work itself is so easy. Recent rain has exacerbated this problem and we have not only a muddy driveway, but also ponding and flooding. The last gate we were on we buried the 5th wheel almost half way up the rims-took two pickups in tandem to pull it out of the muck. It's not quite that bad at our current location. Of all the things that I discussed and researched before embarking on this adventure, rain and mud was not one of them. I do love this kind of gate guarding, so don't get me wrong. We used to be a top dog with our exploration company and anything the CM (company man) couldn't or wouldn't get us, our field superintendent would. That included leveling a pad and providing and spreading a load of gravel. We kind of miss being part of the team on a drilling rig. We knew the schedule and what to expect (most of the time). However; when I think about getting paid for a 24 hour gate with little or no weekend or evening traffic I think we can learn to live with it. Even if it means living on an unimproved pad and having to slog around in ankle deep water and mud.

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