Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Purpose Born Out of Necessity

We descended upon the oil patch, wide eyed and innocent, in a abused and used motorhome. Add to that we had no idea of the depth of experience or integrity of RV repair in South Texas. I will not bore you with details as most of my dear readers know that we spent thousands of dollars trying to keep that motorhome running. At about $500 a visit, we slowly grew too realize that the majority of the mechanics knew little more than we did. That was especially difficult to deal with in specialty areas such as air conditioning and electricity; trades I was wholly ignorant in. It was a shocking wake up call since, back in Oklahoma, we had an honest, knowledgeable and reasonable RV tech and mechanic. Notice I said RV tech and mechanic separately. This is especially important when it comes to motorized RVs, because they require two distinct specialties. For instance, it is a rare mechanic that works on both drivetrains and RV roofs. Since we couldn't find a decent RV tech, or get one to come out to the patch, I embarked on a crash course in RV systems. I am blessed to be mechanically inclined and I also had a father that imparted a ton of knowledge. Along with that I am a certified welder and possess a Federally issued Airframe and Powerplant license. The Information Age has provided an endless source of knowledge via the internet and I am a voracious reader. It then seemed only natural to share this knowledge with others, especially those stuck in the oil patch with little or no hope for needed repairs. I soon noticed that more and more folks were contacting me and asking questions. A Face Book page followed (Gate Guard Info and RV Maintenance Tips) and more and more folks turned to it; saving themselves a ton of money. When a tech had to be called or the RV went into a shop, folks were at least better prepared. Information is your friend, especially when dealing with some of the repair techs that prey on RVers. A typical service call involves at least a $100 fee to just come out; then a mysterious sliding scale for labor, plus parts thrown in for good measure. If, after you have exhausted all other possibilities, you have to call out a tech or head to the shop, get the fees and costs up front. Like a dentist a thousand dollars doesn't go far in the patch or shop. I feel especially blessed knowing that I have saved folks some money, shared some knowledge and given them some peace of mind.


  1. Not wanting to take any traffic away from your blog, but another great resource is facebook pages dedicated to your specific rv. We are members of Columbus rv group. and we get very specific info for our unit. So check FB and see if there is a group for you! Day or night, with over 1000 members there is always someone that can help with questions or emergencies! But I ALWAYS read and am thankful for your blog and your FB page!!! Great resources!!!

  2. Thanks Kerry! for the kind words. Any group that wishes can post their info on any of my social media sites. I only wish I had a wider audience, I'd love to get the message out to more people.