Friday, July 24, 2015

A Plum Project Winds Down

We have been on this gate since October, easily a record for us. For some reason we are well liked and have been told that we can expect more of the same in the future. Part of the reason we were assigned here; there was a night shift in place when we first arrived, was to have us available for a pipeline project that was/is upcoming. That project got caught up in the "oil glut" cutbacks and we have remained. It's the first time we have been "squirreled" away by a company official, so now we know it can happen. The trick, it seems, is to simply do the job the best way you know how. You can do the job of a gate guard without being an insufferable ass. To add to our record, we have also outlasted an innumerable amount of contractors and everyone of our company men. That's right, we currently are rudderless, and have no leader-so to speak. It also seems the last company man failed to leave specific instructions on how to deal with, much less release, the guards. So now we are caught up in a delicate dance, with both sides saying they have performed their due diligence, and neither, seemingly, wanting to pull the plug. The only thing we know for sure is that the end is near, so we are preparing to move. Lest this confuse you, it might help to know that our exploration company rarely uses gate guards on these types of projects. We will miss this plum assignment as it has been rewarding in so many ways. We have UPS and Fed Ex delivery, but no mail at the gate. We are close to town and the facilities that provides. We rarely work past six pm, then lockup and settle in for the night. Best of all, the pace of the gate has allowed us to take on relief work and temporary assignments, essentially doubling our income at times. Conversely, it has also allowed one of us to get away and do things with regularity.

Our immediate plans for the future are to head to Houston and have needed repairs performed on our toyhauler. We have been without our main air conditioner for some time now and cannot wait to get it replaced/repaired. The trailer has almost become unbearable in the late afternoon. I have long espoused the need for two air conditioners to beat the South Texas summer heat. This experience has reaffirmed that. While the repairs are being performed we hope to explore the Houston area and relax. A friend of ours has RV spots in Rockport and we are hoping to stop by there for a day or two on our way back to the patch. I recommend the area for anyone wanting to make a daytrip. The seafood alone is worth it.

If I don't get around to it sooner, there will be an update once we get settled.

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