Monday, September 14, 2015

A Matter of Degrees

Fall is in the air. Morning and afternoon temperatures have abated and there has even been an occasional morning chill. We're approaching that time of year when it becomes more comfortable to work outside. It's also when systems on the RV seem to function optimally. Suddenly two a/c's aren't necessary and the refrigerator cools much better. We ask a lot of our equipment. The working parts of the refrigerator are in an uninsulated space, exposed to ambient temperatures. Most of the time we are parked out in the open, (I like to call it the bald ass prairie), without the benefit of shade of any kind. In 100 plus degree temperatures it's a wonder we get the inside of the RV down in the 80's. This is also a good time to do any needed outside maintenance and repairs. As a dear reader reminded me the other day, it's also a good time to exercise your house furnace. Just as it's a good idea to fire off the a/c in the cooler months. Equipment does not like to sit unused. After owning several RVs I have accepted that they are just not made for extreme weather. It doesn't matter if the manufacturer says it is a four season coach or that it's super insulated. With few exceptions, the RVs that fulltimers try to turn into mobile homes were designed for a vacation trip or a weekend on the lake.

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