Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Value of Experience

Other than a couple of occurrences; me for some heart work and Missy for "woman" issues, we have remained fairly healthy. Some time after we moved down here to work in the oil patch Missy started having prolonged coughing spells. For convenience, and since we didn't have insurance, she went to the local clinic and hospital. Although they noted a high calcium count in her blood, they failed to put that together with several other issues she was experiencing. If they had correctly attributed her high calcium count to a problem with her parathyroid glands, the calcium wouldn't have caused stones to accumulate in her gall bladder. Now she is facing surgery to remove her gall bladder and to remove tumor(s) from her parathyroid gland. As it turns out, the pesky cough that the clinic diagnosed as whooping cough (along with several other symptoms) were the result of her calcium filled gall bladder. The specialist in the "big city" figured that out after just a few minutes spent reviewing her chart. Skills vary in every profession, but to get the best out of our legal and medical system requires deep pockets and/or insurance. We can all learn from this and try to get a second opinion, especially with prolonged symptoms.

While I was composing this Missy had her gall bladder removed and is doing better. Her parathyroid surgery is next.

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