Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Change of Seasons

The change of seasons is upon us and that means beaucoup changes in the pucker brush. Funny; I first noticed it in the shower. All summer long mother nature heated our black water tank and I simply used the cold faucet to bathe in. Now I have to dial in a little hot water to be comfortable. The air conditioners aren't working as hard; in fact, they have been off all day. The much more tame and hardly noticed snowbird invasion has started. That would be one of the biggest changes I'd say that has come out of the slowdown/oil glut. Used to be that basically anyone that showed up in or around labor day could find a gate to sit on. Not anymore. After the winter debacle of a couple of years back, along with dire warnings from full time gate guards, the winter migration slowed tremendously. I will say that I was pleasantly surprised to find many more opportunities for snow birds this year. I won't pretend to be your Mom or Dad, but let me forewarn you that; along with fewer opportunities, expectations are much higher for guards these days. There are simply far too many highly regarded guards available. We have also begun prepping the house as is our custom every spring and fall. RVs will reach out and slap you in the back pocket if you don't look after them. Along with a host of other things, we will check and reseal the roof, clean all the air conditioner coils, flush the hot water tank, clean out the vents and fire off the house heater (even though we probably won't need it), adjust the refrigerator, check and service the house battery, etc.

I hope you are enjoying the respite from the heat; fall is one of my favorite seasons. We have high hopes that our drone business will literally "take off" this holiday season. We are blessed to still have an exploration company that is going great guns in the brave new sub $50 a barrel world. There has been little shortage of work for us. As most of you have noticed I haven't published much lately, but I will endeavor to get something out before years end. Especially with all that is going on in the world around us. That could mean either a political diatribe or more of my famous musings. C Ya then!

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