Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Holiday?

Easter and the annual Spring renewal have arrived. I can't help but think this is a holiday heavily modified by Christians, as are most muddled by the fog of time. The  resurrection and the events that surround it fittingly coincide with the vernal equinox, a renewal itself. I am not one of those bible thumping sorts, but I think I follow Christian values in my life. (For the sake of full disclosure it wasn't always that way) It would be interesting to see how Jesus and his disciples would look upon the traditions that have aligned themselves with the resurrection. The Hispanic and Tex Mex cultures like to make it a family event and camp out for the holiday weekend. I don't know a lot about it, but it has evolved into sort of an early Memorial day for them. Fiesta also coincides with the Easter holiday, yet another Hispanic and Tex Mex event. How odd that, for some, Fiesta has evolved into an event heavily laced with alcohol and partying. As a lot of you know I embrace the Hispanic culture, so feel free to correct my observations. Just remember I meant no malice or disrespect, so enlighten us. For my family and I Easter was a celebration of the resurrection, but we kept things mostly separate. The holiday (for some reason I don't like characterizing Easter as a holiday) also centered around Good Friday and Easter itself, not a multi day or weeks long event. On Easter Sunday we would go to church; sometimes in new clothes, but always in our Sunday best. Then we would gather at one of the family residences and have a big dinner. That was the time that we conducted Easter egg hunts and other traditions that have evolved over the years.

Whatever your beliefs, Spring has arrived and nature is on full display. Take time to be grateful that another Winter is behind us and go out and enjoy the all too short "window weather". Celebrate your beliefs, whatever they may be, and be glad that we are in a country where we can do that. Happy Easter everyone!

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