Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Growing into the job

Although we stayed warm by going down to Florida; we struggled trying to find employment. So we are hard at it trying to find and secure winter employment. An odd aspect to workamping is that you look way ahead for employment. Most campgrounds are seasonal, so you tend to go north in the summer and south for the winter. Some workampers have repeat gigs and migrate to the same places yearly. Occasionally workampers secure permanent employment as managers of parks or some aspect of the operation. We are now at a large campground on Table Rock Lake and this is our first time arriving at the beginning of the season. So, there are a ton of things to do to get the campground ready for visitors. There is no substitute for experience and that has made the adjustment to a new environment much easier. The missus is comfortable in the office environment and I'm no longer surprised at what I may have to do. Other than getting the "winter" muscles to stretch, we are settling in. More soon!

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