Saturday, September 10, 2011

We're Here!

We relocated to Southeast Texas, (as threatened) and began our work as Gate Guards on an oil well. We were put to work the morning after we arrived. Let me first say, “Everything we encountered was as I had researched.” It is dusty and hot. Your sleep and rest expectations will require adjustments. If you haven’t lived “off the grid” for an extended period of time, you may have trouble adjusting. Gate Guard Services or GGS (the company we contract with-and; I hope, they don’t mind me mentioning their name), has exceeded our expectations. About GGS-they want quality, dependable people and will cater to you if you put in an honest, hard day’s work. In exchange, we have a dependable water supply (not potable), a generator and a septic system. A team of really nice, hard working individuals keeps all that “ginning along”. A phone call gets any assistance you might need. We were even offered a cell phone booster at no cost should our signal not be strong enough. (something not previously mentioned) The pay is a minimum of $125.00 a day (more is paid for multiple well sites) and you have to file for your own taxes. The Eagle Ford Shale deposits are booming right now and the local infrastructure is struggling to keep up. It is boom times here right now.
Back to full timing and RV’s. Our trip south for the winter cost us about $300.00 and took an easy two days. Jesabel ran well and drank diesel at around 10 mpg. Not bad for 35 feet of motor home with a Hyundai Santa Fe towed behind it. Subtracting the estimated cost of meals and a hotel for the same trip in a car makes it an even better deal. I was determined to find winter employment this season and have accomplished that. So far, so good. I’ll update soon.

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