Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Even More Musings!

My dear readers never know what to expect when they see the Musings title. It's kind of my way of getting things I wonder about off my chest. It also frees me from following whatever the title I've chosen for a blog.
First off; apparently a lot of you find me via whatever search engine you prefer. That is fine, but there is a simpler way. All you have to do is click on "join this site" and, whenever I get around to publishing another episode, it will appear in your in box.
Am I the only one who has noticed the alarming amount of pedestrians who are dying  on San Antonio streets? Almost without exception they chose to cross a street outside of the pedestrian crossing or stoplight. And a lot of them are killed at night with dark clothes on. Missy and I have witnessed it many times; including a real dumbas* who ran the gauntlet not only once but twice, making a return crossing. All while we watched, patiently waiting our turn to enter traffic. Let's not leave out the drunks. My goodness, they have taken out houses, trees, garage doors and businesses-to name a few. If your smart enough to use the designated crosswalk it apparently isn't enough as a young bicycle rider tragically found out recently. The latest escapade was a intoxicated young man exceeding 100 mph on city streets; hitting a medium, flying over a bridge guard rail and sailing down onto the tracks below where an oncoming train demolished the car. He survived; his passengers didn't. If it wasn't so tragic it might be a little humorous. We marvel at the news which we refer to as the body count. I would love to see the pedestrian versus car and accident stats for San Antonio, it can't be good.
The super blackout. I thought I had heard everything; including that something that BeyoncĂ© did caused it. Today there was an expose on the incident and it revealed a superb example of bureaucratic bungling. Apparently the problem was exposed many months ago, funds were approved and then no one seemed capable of getting the job done. The president of whatever organization runs the Superdome raised it to an emergency repair citing possible injury or fire from whatever was wrong. And still the job did not get done. Now the Mayor has established an investigative committee and promises to get to the bottom of it. There might be an update here in a few months.
Do not be surprised if you can't flush your toilet at your local McDonalds the next time you visit. A pair of thieves has been making off with the flush mechanisms. Is there money in toilet fixtures?
In the news for you gate guards out there-Congress has slashed the tax breaks for corporate jets and oil companies. Obama's agenda to exorcise all the "dirty fuels" out there continues. I believe the "salad days" for gate guards is over.

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  1. Remember when the Tyrant-In-Chief claimed the only thing holding back the Keystone pipeline was the Nebraska governor who wanted to find an alternate route....well, NE gov approved different path 2 weeks ago...now Electric Bugaloo-In-Chief says another 6 mos. to have a study to study another study....