Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Something positive for a Change

We finally got offered a gate and relocated from our R and R campground (Hidden Valley) in Von Ormy to our new gate. As usual the folks at Hidden Valley treated us very well at a very reasonable cost. As always we highly recommend you put Hidden Valley high on your list of places to stay in South Texas. 

One of the rewards of campground life is meeting folks who share a lot of the same interests that you do. Good times and stories shared with fellow nomads are and added benefit. We got to see the good and bad side of Canadians and tried to enjoy both. We had a wonderful time with a couple of Cajuns from Louisiana and got to know a few of the very colorful locals. So, even though we were tired of sitting, it was an enjoyable and well spent three weeks.

As posted previously we spent more money on the coach and this time we were rewarded with an uneventful move. The new tires handled well and the shifting anomalies seemed to have all but disappeared now that the throttle and fuel control have been adjusted. Wayne, the mechanic and the folks from the tire shop with Billy Bob's Tire and Mobile Repair were fair, knew their stuff  and reasonable.

Once we got settled it was time for the dreaded internet satellite set-up. At our last gate I paid special attention to the tech who came out to help us aim the dish. I was especially determined this time because the tech claimed he preferred setting up the internet satellite to satellite television and I consider myself an ace at setting up the Dish satellite. Surprise surprise! I was able to aim the internet satellite and lock it in pretty quickly. What a relief! I have very mixed feelings about WildBlue primarily because of their awful customer service and questionable technicians. The equipment is fragile and susceptible to damage, which is not good for us RV folks. I have to say that when it is up it is blazing fast and reliable. The unlimited internet from midnight till 5 a.m. is a nice bonus and I have found a treasure trove of free movies, television series and specials from Netflix which we stream with our WII. I am beginning to believe that WildBlue is not unlike Dish which suffers from the same maladies. Once we tackled aiming and troubleshooting our Dish network on our own; life has been a lot easier. I think once I get proficient with WildBlue, my opinion may change.

We are glad to be back making money and thankful for all the support we got during our unplanned hiatus.

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