Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Change in Routine

For once we transitioned seamlessly from one gate to another. The maddening pace of our rig continued and this time it completed a hole in under eight days. It's gotten so bad that we rarely bother to set up or get comfortable at a location. In order to facilitate a move from one spot to another we split gates between us. One stays at the old site and the other helps orchestrate the move into the new digs. It's tiring; but the nearly double pay is always a welcome reward. When we move we follow a routine; Missy packs up and stows the interior of the coach and I take care of picking up and stowing everything outside; which includes disconnecting from the support trailers. I prefer to be ready to roll by the time the service people come to move us. If someone is going to relieve us I like to be off the pad when they get there. It's the professional and courteous thing to do. This time the representative of the land owner at the new site expressed concern about the gate being unattended for any length of time (the land's primary use is deer hunting). The decision was made to go ahead and have me move out from the old site at the close of business. Holy cow! That meant I was responsible for everything-packing up the inside of the RV and disconnecting and putting everything away outside. Plus I would be driving to the new site; something Missy normally did. Being flexible is indispensable in this business and we completed the move without too much hassle. Still, the change in routine was and is unnerving. Or maybe I'm just set in my ways. Who knew?

BTW-we have completed two uneventful moves in the RV and it seems to be running well. We are hopeful that we are close to working out all the bugs with the engine swap.

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