Monday, May 13, 2013

Four Legged Love

Kenai is our Husky mix. He is very smart and extremely willful; to the point that I will not have another male dog. Kenai has worked his way into our hearts though and is an integral part of the family. Early in his life he began to suffer from seizures and it broke my heart to watch him suffer. He is currently on medication and his quality of life is very good. Recently I noticed a mass just behind his ribcage and it was off to the vet to get a diagnosis. The vet says it is fatty tissue (called a lipoma) and he performed a needle biopsy-which was benign. Today the hound goes back to the vet and he will have the mass excised tomorrow morning. Then we wait and hope that it is not a sarcolipoma, or cancerous. Please keep Kenai in your thoughts and prayers and let's hope for a positive resolution.

Update: Kenai is at home resting. The tumor was much worse than the vet thought, with tendrils running out from it. He is hopeful that he excised all of it, but fearful that it was cancerous. As soon as we got the hound home we knew that we would never put him through that again. He has a huge shaved area on his side, a large incision and a drain tube in place. So we will care for the animal as long as it is humane to do so-he seems quite happy right now.

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