Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Communication or a lack thereof Redux

We have a frac going on just down the road and the parade of lost cars and trucks seems endless. There are only a few companies whose poor directions are causing the problem. We have called corporate and dispatchers and still they come. Several things make this more than just a minor irritant. Once we have spoken to the company(s) in question and people continue to get lost it starts to wear on you. Our land owner and top hand also have forbade us from allowing lost vehicles to turn around on the property. Add to the fact that we are in the middle of building a pad and have tons of trucks (and rock) coming and going and you have a recipe for a first class mess. Trying to turn these lost souls around when you have a line of trucks going both ways is difficult, at best.  We have also had a driveway alarm destroyed and fear some real damage may eventually occur. Despite our entreaties we seem incapable of getting the companies to communicate and provide decent directions for there drivers. Here's a photo of what can happen, especially given the skill level we've observed with these drivers. Observe the line of trucks waiting to get in.
Cattywampus truck tried to turn around at the gate


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