Sunday, September 22, 2013

Window Weather

Prior to moving to the Midwest I resided in Florida for many years. One of the things South Florida is known for is its humidity. High temperatures are not common which is fortunate because seventy percent plus humidity makes it a real stew down there. South Florida is also known for not having four seasons like most of the country. It is either hot and humid or raining. I can attest to recent climate changes because South Florida no longer gets all the rain it used to during the rainy season. You used to be able to almost set your watch by the thunderstorms that rolled in out of the Everglades every day. Sadly that is no longer. Occasionally, for a very brief period, the humidity lowers and temperatures drop and you get what my mother calls window weather. It gets its name because almost everyone down there takes advantage and opens their house to air it out. I've found some similarities in South Texas, except once it gets hot it stays hot (and gets hotter) and rain is almost non existent. On the plus side; by late September the high pressure finally moves out, the rains come and cooler weather settles in. Those of us who braved the summer heat and dust can finally catch a break and open our windows. Woo Hoo! The a/c is off and it's window weather again.

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