Friday, January 10, 2014

A Matter of Choice

Since our start in the oil field, about three years ago, we have worked for four gate guard companies. If you're a little insecure about being off the grid Gate Guard Services is the place to be. It's rare that they leave you hanging when a problem arises and the wait between gates isn't normally bad. It's almost equivalent to concierge service in the oil patch. As I've said in previous post(s), the amount of B.S. I'll take from a gate guard company is tempered by the amount they are paying me. When we made the jump from GGS to J and G it almost equaled out to an extra pay check a month. I'm still befuddled by folks who won't better their position in life over something as trivial as a "yard" to park in between gates. For an extra check a month I'll find a place to squat for a day or two. Besides, when we come off a gate we don't want to stay in the oil patch anyway. J and G isn't bad and the equipment has come a long way since we started with them. We rarely saw anyone from the "office" and found we actually preferred that. Lest you think we are jumping around from job to job, let me explain. One stop was in between assignments with J and G to cover a Sitewatch gate as a favor to their owner/boss. (The guards had a medical emergency) The owner of Sitewatch does not like anything posted on the Internet, so I hope he'll forgive me. They are a first class operation, pay extremely well (but pay you as a employee) and are extremely difficult to sign on with. Other than that we have worked for J and G for over two and a half years; a long time in the oil patch. Now we are faced with change again as we avail ourselves of a better opportunity. We have come a long way since that first gate outside of Kenedy. I vividly remember how forlorn we felt after the service person left after setting us up. That was tempered by the excitement we felt by taking on a challenge and finally pulling out of the financial nosedive that workamping was for us. Our new employer provides little in the way of support equipment. However, the basics are there, and we are up to the challenge. For us the pay is what matters and putting up with a little inconvenience is a matter of choice.

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