Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Markies

The Markie Awards for 2013

The Most Horrific Award again goes to Mother Nature- Moore, OK and the Philippines-need I say more?

The Most Brazen Award goes to Congress for their unabashed acceptance of pay for a job left wanting.

The Foot in Your Mouth Award is shared by Paula Deen and Phil Robertson.

The "Oh Shit Moment" Award is shared by Asiana Airlines and UPS.

The Obfuscation Award is shared by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (this was a closely fought battle)

The Missed Opportunity Award goes to the entire Republican Party.

The Wasted Effort Award goes to the entire Republican Party who tried to rescind Obamacare over thirty times, wasting millions of our dollars.

The "I thought they'd Blink" Award goes to Ted Cruz.

The Teflon Award goes to Hillary Clinton - Can she simply take the blame for something?

The You can get away with anything in a college Town Award goes to the Tallahassee Police Department.

The We hear you but could you dial it back a Bit Award goes to the LGBT community. PLEASE no hate mail - just stating a fact!

The Can't we find work for these People Award goes to our local, state and national leaders. Is there not some sort of community service that the unemployed/underemployed can perform to earn their keep and retain their dignity?

The Movie of the Year Award goes to Her. Since no one seems to have seen it we're giving it to Gravity.

The Song of the Year Award goes to Robin Thicke and Blurred Lines. I think the song title says it all.

The Legislation of the Year Award is shared by Obamacare and Colorado's legalization of marijuana

We were unable to award a most significant passing award. Here's a nod to Nelson Mandela, our service men and women, the special ops community, the men and women of law enforcement, firefighters - including smoke jumpers and a slew of actors and luminaries who enriched our lives, to name a few.

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