Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Those Pesky 80 Percenters

I have a friend named Andy that also publishes a blog and has a forum. If you read a few of his blogs you'll find he talks a lot about the 80 percenters. For example; people that think they're owed the job they have and find no reason to do more than it takes to barely keep it. Or the lack of customer service these days. You get the idea.
Today I made the 70 plus mile roundtrip to the post office to pick up a package. I knew it was there because the fine folks at Amazon have a tracking app that said it was.
Me to the clerk, "I am here to pick up a package from Amazon".
Clerk; without looking, "I have not received any packages".
Me to the clerk, "Well Amazon said it was delivered."
Clerk; this time she hustles and bustles about apparently looking for my package, "I need a tracking number".
This means I have to deal with the new (to me) Smart phone or call the missus back at the ranch. A quick call reveals she's not answering, along with a second one. I finally accessed the net on the fancy phone as the missus called back. I took my fancy phone and gave it to the clerk so that she could peruse the Amazon website.
Clerk, "This is a Fed Ex tracking number (it wasn't) and it just says it was delivered to Asherton. You need to have our street address (it was shipped to General Delivery) to have it come here. You'll have to go around town and see where the driver left it. I'd try city hall first".
Now I'm frustrated and call the missus back and berate her (unfairly) for not having the Post Office address on the shipping label.
The missus says; "Someone named Edna signed for it".
Back I go into the Post Office and tell the clerk who signed for it. She quickly looks to her right, eyes a package and says, "Is this it?"
Now this Post Office isn't any bigger than some wealthy suburbanite's walk in closet. Add to that that she couldn't have received very many packages with Amazon embossed predominantly on the tape securing it and we have a mystery. Or perhaps we have an 80 percenter and I would not have gotten my package had I not persisted.

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