Saturday, April 19, 2014


One definition of integrity from the dictionary: the possession of firm principles: the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards. This isn't about me, but I think like a lot of us, that I have failed in that regard a time or two. However, I also like to think my standards haven't wavered much. I take great pride in doing what I say and promise. There is a standard that I hold myself up to.
Some incidents of late have me worried about integrity when it comes to the folks that are supposed to lead and guide us. The powers to be or PTB, for instance. Now I am not na├»ve; I know our government (and others) have employed "spin doctors" for some time. I'm also not enamored by this so called information age. It seems we telegraph our every move on CNN, FOX or other networks. I'm sure that some of our commanders in the field find that very disconcerting. But I digress. Lately we have had several incidents occur that to me question the integrity of the folks in charge. Benghazi for one and now this debacle over the loss of the Malaysian Air 777. I think Malaysia has some power and authority issues; but still, the constantly changing information and facts leave me to ponder. Then there's the whole issue with Putin and his wholesale denials of occurrences that a lot of people have borne witness to. As far as Benghazi goes, I believe that a conspiracy exists to keep it quelled. How much more serendipitous could the fact that the central figure behind that conspiracy has hoodwinked her constituents her entire private and political life. And still her and her nefarious husband continue to be lauded and forgiven for their past mistakes. Apparently enough of you have fallen for their smoke and mirrors routine to make Hillary a front runner for the presidency. If ever a political position required a modicum of integrity, it is the chief executive of a government. It is the loss of that integrity that causes countries to fall into constant conflicts and be governed by iron fisted dictators.
My point here is that it seems that we are in an age where obfuscation is an accepted practice. Some like to hide the truth behind national security issues or some other balderdash. Integrity is as someone sees it; torn to tatters and rationalized away. It is the ease with which integrity is thrown to the wind and the seeming lack of fear of the consequences for doing so that scares me the most. If ever there was an example of a slippery slope, it is the way our elected officials have no compunction when it comes to bending the truth. Unfortunately a lot of us have become inured to this behavior and there seems little fear of accountability anymore.

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