Monday, June 30, 2014

Not our "Cup of Tea"

As some of you know, we have left our job protecting a wind farm project. My grandmother admonished me to not say anything at all if I had nothing good to say, so I'll refrain from commenting much on the situation. Suffice it to say that the schedule was difficult; two days followed by two nights (three for me), and that Missy was bored out of her mind. I suppose it could be a good fit for some couples as it does provide a respite from guarding oil gates. For us; however, it was not our "cup of tea".
Providentially, while we agonized on how best to depart the wind farm gig with the least amount of disruption, (we had nothing against the "lead" couple working there and did not want to cause a hassle for them), our old boss at J&G called. As some of my dear readers know, we reluctantly parted ways with him after almost three years, due to a pay dispute. We remain friends with Justin and remained in contact and he called to not only apologize but to ask us to return. As most of you know I refuse to post or discuss pay (it's a long story, but I've always been taught otherwise and even had jobs that threatened termination if you disclosed your pay to co workers). Suffice it to say we reached an agreement and were immediately offered a gate. We had to turn that gate down since we ALWAYS give notice whenever we leave a company. As it turned out, our two weeks notice had us leaving after working a night shift (1800 to 0600); but Justin had a gate he could not cover, so bleary eyed we headed out. Somewhere north of Lubbock we received a call from Justin telling us he had found someone to cover the gate we'd been offered and giving us a choice of taking it or sitting in Lubbock till something opened up. It was a no brainer as we were almost zombied from lack of sleep. Short story long we ended up staying in Lubbock for five days, which we made the most of. It seems as if gate opportunities dried up in an instance. but such is life in the oil field. Now we find ourselves near Midland, Texas preparing to head out tomorrow on a new adventure. It seems an exploration company or two failed to make payments to the bank and that several rigs are going to be taken over by said bank. That means someone needs to babysit the rigs until a resolution is reached.

Hold the phone!! As usual, things are in constant flux in the petroleum business (if you've ever been called to man a gate and had to be there ASAP, you have an idea of what I mean.) It turns out J&G had a couple too many for the Midland job so Justin offered us fuel money and a place to park if we would return to San Antonio and wait on a gate. So; if and when things change I will update you. Meanwhile we are puttering around, repairing a few things and relaxing. Mo' later!!


  1. You really have been in a state of flux. Where in San Antonio are you?

  2. Tuesday, July 1, 2014
    Holly Springs, NC - 75 degrees and partly cloudy to 92 degrees and partly sunny. The morning started with the partly cloudy that cried for a short while, just enough rain to wet everything then it was partly sunny.

    Today was going to be a house painter sitting day but they were a no show with car trouble. I did go to Kroger for senior discount day. Later I went to LensCrafters as the right lend fell out for the second time in three days. I probably did not reinstall it correctly, but on Sunday there is no other option. They handled it quickly at no cost.