Monday, June 30, 2014

Frankie Valli, a High Dollar Cooler and an Air Conditioner

We don't get many opportunities to go to the movies as gate guards. So when we're off, we try to plan a trip to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema to catch a flick. It really is an eclectic experience with above average bistro type food and outstanding house brews that you consume while watching the flick. If you show up early you will be rewarded with hand crafted vignettes; usually depicting one of the movie's stars doing things you've probably never seen. In the case of the "Jersey Boys" it was Christopher Walken dancing in all sorts of roles. I didn't know he was a dancer and enjoyed it very much. Anyway; go see "Jersey Boys"; the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. I thought it was a very, very good movie.
We had to replace our cooler some time back and I had a gift card for Bass Pro Shop. We did some research and ended up buying an Max Cool Igloo that was supposed to keep ice for five days. We never could get it to keep ice for more than twenty four hours and the left over water soon became tepid. We kept seeing roughnecks and other hands go through the gate with Pelicans and Yetis' and started to look into them. Yikes!! A 50 something quart cooler from Yeti was going to put us out almost $400, maybe more. Same for a Pelican. We are members of Sams Club and saw an Igloo Outdoor Sportsman model, built just like a Yeti and priced at around $200. We purchased it and did not pre-cool it down, just threw a bag of ice and the drinks from our old Igloo into it. We added ice a day and a half later and there was still ice and frigid water in the cooler. If you got to have a Yeti, so be it. This Igloo does the job at half the price. As far as spending $200 on a cooler; we think we can make it up in ice in no time.
Our main air conditioner started dripping water into the house. That was no bueno and upset the Misses big time. It is north of 90 degrees in South Texas pretty soon after daybreak, so getting work done early or late is the best deal. Didn't happen, as we tried cleaning the drains five times. That's five times up and down that rickety ladder to that hot as hell roof. The sixth time we tore the cover off, finding a stripped bolt for the cover in the process. Our neighbor was kind enough to help remove the recalcitrant bolt and we headed off to Lowes to buy replacement hardware. We also found the evaporator (if I have the nomenclature wrong forgive me) covered with crud when we removed a cover to access the stripped bolt. When I say evaporator I mean the coils you can see when you look up through the removed filter and panel. It is buried, so it gets neglected. Like a lot of folks I simply hosed or sprayed off the condenser coil, which is readily visible and accessible through the vents of most covers. So; by removing the cover, we were able to access the drain pan (which everything sits on) and the evaporator and were able to give them both a thorough cleaning. Be prepared for some water intrusion into the house by having towels at hand. It is unfortunately part of the process. Next time I clean the air conditioner I now know what is required to do it correctly.

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