Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Expense or Investment?

Most of my dear readers know that I write form a gate guards perspective. However, gate guarding is just an extreme form of fulltiming and a lot of the products we use can be used in a lot of other applications. On top of that, we put products through some extreme tests. There are some things that you just shouldn't skimp on. I also regard most of what I intend to discuss as necessities.
There is no way to place a value on a good set of tires and a monitoring system to go with them. I once thought of tire monitors as just another gadget. I've since found the built in system in our Ford F250 to be utterly reliable-plus it's already detected a puncture. We've had a few teething problems with the system for RV's. However, the company has backed its product and replaced a faulty transmitter. We give the system a thumbs up and find the peace of mind it provides invaluable.
Those of you unlucky enough not to have a built in generator should definitely look into one. In the unlikely event that your primary generator should fail; especially when its 110 degrees out, you'll appreciate a back up. Whatever you purchase, it should be able to handle the needs of your particular RV. We have found 7500 watts, with a peak of 9000, safely handles everything our 50 amp service can throw at it. You can find a gas generator for $500 or less. A used Onan, installed can cost an easy 5K.

Along the lines of electricity are the cords and adaptors that are necessary to utilize it. Always buy heavy duty components. Anything less and you risk, at best, overheating and failure. At worst, you can spawn a major fire. We tend to use ours in high amperage and high demand situations.

I repeat the importance of a towing plan, or EVRS. There are several, with Coach Net and Good Sam being the most prominent. They will pay for themselves. Just make sure you join one that deals with and understands the needs of RVers.

I'm sure there are other things we all use on a regular basis that we have a choice of quality when purchasing. I hope I highlighted a few that you might not "skimp" on next time you purchase them.


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