Thursday, April 9, 2015


In Oklahoma I consider April our cruelest month weather wise. You can experience everything from snow to tornadoes. The first year I grew tomatoes I found out the hard way and, from then on, kept seedlings covered or indoors till Spring really set in. In south Texas, where we are currently working, March heralds Spring and all sorts of weather anomalies can also happen.
Now that it is April in south Texas, the harbingers of Spring are everywhere. Rattlesnakes are on the move and Bluebonnets are evident in abundance; most likely helped by the wet winter and Spring rains. We have seen our first 90 degree day and thunder has reverberated through the air. Before we know it 100 degree plus days will be the norm and the hell that is summer in South Texas will be upon us.

With the heat the Winter Texans will head North and; hopefully, the logjam of guards should ease up. Summer should be a test of the petroleum industry and gate guarding. History tells us that summer traditionally leads to a shortage of guards. It is late Spring and we still have folks sitting, patiently waiting for work. If this continues much longer, recovery will most likely not occur this year. I strongly urge anyone considering coming down this fall to ensure they have work prior to pointing the RV South. I do not think the companies are going to be as generous with their yard space next winter.

Meantime; we're glad to have had a gate through the winter. Spring has definitely sprung, temperatures are on the rise and we're reveling in the cool nights and not so hot days. Experience tells us we'll spring, if not leap into summer real soon.

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