Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Creature Comforts and Toys

As varying as the work and job sites can be, there is a certain tedium to the work we do as gate guards. Besides taking occasional breaks, most all of us have to find something to keep from going stir crazy. Some paint, some sew or crochet, most of us read-you get the idea. It didn't take long after our first check in the patch that we decided to splurge on satellite television. When we were living hand to mouth, television wasn't even on the list of necessities. Since then we both have acquired smart phones and also now have satellite internet. Depending on your creativity; you can find ways of deducting most of that stuff when your stuck out in the pucker brush; miles from civilization. Just remember that I'm no tax expert. Recently I reluctantly retired my faithful 4 cup coffee maker; as Missy insisted we upgrade to a Kuerig brewer. This little miracle can make everything from coffee to soup. I've already grown fond of it. We've also indulged and bought a couple of quadcopters. I have long accepted and surrendered to the fact that technology has out run me (actually I think it ran me over and left me behind). These little quadcopters certainly confirm that fact. They have cameras and can take both video and still photographs. Most have four propellers, each rotating in opposite directions, which give them exceptional maneuverability. The learning curve has been steep and the caliche has been unforgiving. However; unlike the helicopters we initially tried to master, we seem to be able to control the quadcopters pretty well and see regular improvement in our skills. The one caveat being to not attempt to fly them if it's windy. If you get creative you can be comfortable out here and find things to keep you busy in your downtime.

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