Thursday, October 1, 2015

Holiday Time?

I rolled into Wally World the other day to find a bizarre collection of Christmas and Halloween decor. Most of my dear readers know that this is precisely why I abhor the holiday season, especially in its current state. I am known to cut my visits to stores when the Christmas music starts blaring out of the muzak system. Seriously; it drives me bonkers and I don't do any serious shopping till it stops. Retailers continue to push their scheduling of the holidays further and further back, now trampling on Halloween. I even heard tell of an early "Black Friday" shopping day. I know I wax nostalgic a lot, but my childhood memories of the holidays seem so different. The way I remember it there was a distinct separation of the holidays and Christmas didn't really kick into gear till around Thanksgiving. Internet shopping is a godsend and tailored for Scrooges like me.

It has been an all too weird past few weeks as the Autumnal Equinox came and went, signaling the end of summer.

The never ending drama that is Hillary Clinton continued to drag on and still her ardent supporters remain faithful; seemingly oblivious to the lying and conniving that is her specialty. Will we ever get the bottom line and truth out of her on Benghazi? Somehow I doubt it.

The PTB have finally admitted they lied in regards to just about any maneuver they've attempted in the Middle East. The latest being that; after spending millions and millions of our taxpayer dollars, the arming and training of the rebels in Syria is in shambles and an abject failure. To add insult to injury, this bunch turned around and sold the supplies we sent them to Assad's military. I'm thinking someone noticed something around that time.

The Pope came to the US of A and addressed a joint meeting of Congress, something that has never happened. Apparently something he said had some effect, because the spirit moved in John Boehner. He resigned shortly after the Pope's appearance. Don't you wish he'd had the same effect on a lot of the other curmudgeons in Congress?

Adding to the weirdness, we also had a lunar eclipse and a super moon at the same time; an event that won't come around again till some time in the 2030's.

Finally, it appears that we're going to have a hurricane strike the east coast. Let's hope it's not another devastating October storm.

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