Saturday, December 19, 2015

Selling Ice Cream in the Winter

Oil continues its downward spiral and jobs by the thousands are disappearing. We have an administration that's anti fossil fuel(s) and has no interest in combating OPEC and its policy of flooding the glut market. Working in the industry or living in the oil patch has gotten down right depressing. It's almost impossible not to get swept up in the negativity. I have become a student of geo politics and have followed this decline very closely. However, I never thought we'd see sub $40 a barrel oil, and now it looks like we'll see a bottom of around $20 before it's all over. Folks, there is a concerted effort to kill off oil and coal dependency in the world. In some ways I see the point; eventually that will have to happen. However, to do it now, when alternative sources of energy are still in their infancy and most are unproven, seems ludicrous. Progress has always exacted a toll, but I had hoped that it would not be as sudden or capricious as this. I am seeing the last crash repeat itself over and over; sort of deja vu. Just like before the effect is monumental and, unfortunately, not noticed or appreciated by the masses. Everyone from the service sector; like septic pump out, catering and house cleaning, to management has been affected. We are already seeing some towns board up as the petroleum tax base shrinks. And; just like before, all the infrastructure that supports drilling and exploration is becoming worthless. Soon, getting rid of it will be like selling ice cream in the winter.

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