Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

Here's wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Whatever your chosen method of celebrating is; I hope it finds you safe, secure and warm.

I would be remiss if I didn't touch on those far less fortunate. In Nigeria, reports say hundreds were killed when a gasoline tanker exploded. In the never ending civil war in Jordan, government troops went on a rampage in Damascus. Their search for dissidents in a mostly residential neighborhood left over 200  dead. A large percentage of them were women and children. Closer to home, rare December tornadoes raging from coast to coast have left many dead and injured in their wake. While I hate mentioning these things, it serves to remind us all just how fortunate we are.

I have to apologize as I have suffered somewhat from writers block this year. The pall that hangs over the petroleum industry has dampened my creative spirit. As I look to the future it appears fuel prices may drop even more, with some saying that $20 a barrel is the new bottom. It also appears that little will happen, pending the next presidential election. In that case; even if the Republicans prevail, we will be looking at another year, at minimum, till we feel any effect down here. That's at least a couple of years till some sort of recovery - if you're counting.

No matter how depressed we may or may not be, we are seeing the results of our efforts at work. We still answer the bell/alarm promptly and conduct ourselves professionally. Only the very best will remain as contractors during this economic downturn. There are many security companies struggling right now, many with way less than half the gates they had this time last year. The owner of the company we contract with has assured us that we'll be the last to go; should it come to that. Kudos to all that work with us at J&G Security as our hard work has resulted in our company getting an exclusive contract with one of the largest exploration companies in the petroleum business. I believe that may just be enough to keep us afloat till the worst passes.

Here's hoping that all of you and yours has a wonderful holiday season and that next year is happy and prosperous for you all!

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