Sunday, May 8, 2016

Set in my Ways

After almost 6 years in the patch I have reached a level of comfortability on a 24 hour gate, living out of our RV (home). We have worked shacks, windfarms, roving patrols (sometimes in our POV) and a variety of temp work in our vehicles. None of those compared with being able to walk out of the door of the RV, sitting in a chair and being at work. Recent illness has caused me to reflect on our profession as gate guards. We are parked at our company yard and working whatever job our company can come up with. Whether it's a temp security job or workover rig, we are doing it. Some are just a one day gig, but most last a few days. As is my practice, I will not comment on our pay; suffice it to say our security company is very generous. The jobs all share some things in common. It's almost always a long drive, in your vehicle, to the work site. The work day is usually 12 hours or longer; with the commute added in it's even longer and rest even more scarce and precious. Creature comforts are most time missing, making hygiene interesting. You have to be self contained as leaving your post is not an option; which can make a diet difficult to follow. Fatigue is a common partner, making trying to stay alert a challenge. You're exposed to the elements, with heat and cold the least of your worries. While we are grateful for the work (and free rent), it does wear on you after a while. Our health issues also have an effect as we fatigue easy and our stamina is not at full song. My hats off to you seniors, I'm not sure how you do the work. My fondness for working out of our RV has not waned. My distaste for 12 hour work has grown even stronger. Maybe I'm just set in my ways, but I can't wait to get on a traditional gate with my RV.


  1. May 9, 2016

    We agree with your observation of the twelve hour gates.
    Working out of our RV is the best, you are always home.


  2. Sounds like you got your ducks in a row.