Monday, June 6, 2016

Experience has Changed Us

Well, we're back on a 24 hour gate, working out of our RV. We rolled in on pure chaos; a workover rig settling in and the equipment that follows a frack crew right behind them. All this in a sea of mud and muck and us just thankful we have four wheel drive to help position our 5ver. To add to the nuttiness, there is no pad here, just a grassy field softened by inches of spring rain. It seems like a long time ago and a distant memory when we could just dial up the area superintendent and have rock trucks and a back hoe make a pad for us. Boy, are those days gone. As it is, we are not cowered or the least bit disturbed (there's no sniffling in the patch) and set to making the best of things. Time was I'd drop setting up camp and attend to the flow of vehicles. Not so much anymore; I pretty much know who does and doesn't belong. As far as recording goes, the company should have got me here before the flood gates opened (no pun intended). My priorities have changed and I kind of have a system in place and getting settled is the numero uno priority. As far as the mud and muck goes; it ain't worth fighting and sweeps up when it dries. We have a bunch of old towels at the ready and we lay a couple by the main door and set one aside for the dogs paws. It's funny how things change when viewed from a different perspective. Somehow the traffic associated with a frack is no longer daunting and has become part of the job. There's a sense of comradery as you inevitably run into folks that you've crossed paths with over the years. The gate even settles into a routine as folks seem to know how we run things. Maybe it's because we haven't seen a drilling rig for as long as I can remember or maybe experience has changed us; a frack ain't no big deal anymore.

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