Saturday, November 19, 2016

Guess Who Won?

Trump won the electoral college vote. It was clear and a overwhelmingly fair process, according to our law(s). I believe the vast majority of Americans have accepted this fact. I am particularly concerned that there are pros fomenting and riling the malcontents. Although I am sure that in elections in the past that organized protests occurred, this election saw a whole new level. Instead of individuals, we saw organizations paid and supported by the opposition, used to thwart the democratic process. This all leads up to folks with nothing better to do getting swept up in the dangerous nonsense. I would love to see more of a focus on apprehending and punishing the perpetrators of assault(s) and destruction of property. Publicize the cost of rioting and make it prohibitive and (IMHO) you will see less folks joining the fray. Peaceful protesting is part and parcel of our democratic process, up to and including civil disobedience. It is a right that should be cherished, not abused.

I believe that there are radical organizations in our society willing to go to great lengths to protect and promote their agenda(s). While at face value this may not seem like something to get alarmed about, you could not be further mistaken. A great percentage of our problems in this great country can be directly attributed to our porous borders; especially our southern one. People have illegally immigrated to this country for years and we have done little to stop it. It's a dirty little secret in this country that whatever onerous task we choose not to do, we farm out to immigrants. That unfortunately has led to illegal immigrants having a sense of entitlement as to their status. We encourage and abet them by allowing them to occupy a gray area in our society that allows them all sorts of financial support from governments, organizations and others. We even allow them to serve in our armed forces and protect them in so called sanctuary cities. We allow passion and emotions to obscure the simple fact that they are here illegally. I do not want to see anyone hurt, but stopping this and the degradation of our nationalism is paramount. The very fabric of our country is being torn apart, just because some segments of our society refuses to assimilate. I am no expert, but I believe a lot of this can be accomplished by simply enforcing existing laws. We have allowed immigration to get so far out of control that we risk not being able to stem the tide. And I have not even begun to mention how terrorists can and do use our immigration policies to their benefit. As an American and patriot this should alarm you. How odd that the people most up in arms about it are the ones here illegally and those that support them.

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  1. Illegals aren't going to riot or protest Mark, last thing they want to do is call attention to themselves. The finest NCO/mentor my daughter served under was a Jamaican Chief Master Sergeant. Immigrants can become naturalized citizens via military service ONLY if they are already living legally in the United States. In other words, they assimilate. Immigration without assimilation is invasion.