Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Oh no! More Mark's Musings

I do not wish to gloat, but I am extremely happy with the results of the election. The entrenched establishment in Washington should prepare for a long needed and awaited shake up. The silent majority has really spoken this time. America could not find a way to support a proven thief and liar and the Clinton Mafia suffered a devastating blow. Hopefully they will fade away and off the national scene. I believe that Hispanics finally realized how unfair allowing their illegal brothers and sisters to circumvent the system was. Too many of them had worked through the process and followed the necessary steps to become citizens. There is nothing radical about Trump's plans for our borders; he simply intends to enforce the laws that are already on the books. No other nation on earth has such a lax immigration policy. Having illegals run amok and not assimilate undermines what America is all about. It will be sad and traumatic for some illegals but it is a cancer that needs to be excised. I am extremely pleased to see the leftist, liberal media (and pollsters) proven wrong. The relief in the oil patch has been palpable; people are relieved that oil, along with other fossil fuel exploration, will grow and expand. I firmly believe that an issue near and dear to my heart will finally be addressed. I have long written about our failing infrastructure and power grid and I believe we finally have a President that will address that. Change is coming and I hope we have the courage to support it. Fiduciary responsibility instead of deficit spending will finally be the order of the day. This election has proven that your vote does count. Hopefully that will embolden the American people to take action and change the course we're on.

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  1. Finally! Time for Washington to actually earn their pay! -Jeb