Saturday, April 9, 2011

Summer's Coming

Yesterday got really hot and for the first time heat really affected our work. You have to stay hydrated in high humidity and temps near ninety. I fought wasps yesterday, who seemed just as affected by the heat as we all where. We have quite a few guests in the campground, so management called out a pest control guy to try to control them. I was assigned to help the cause by filling the voids along the roofs of the cabins with spray foam. A nasty, hot, dirty job. The foam gets on everything and its real hard to tell how much it will expand. Which means later we'll have to go back and trim the excess, plus paint the foam to hide it. We'll see if the wasps move on. Missy has been real busy in the office as the phone and Internet are busy with people wanting reservations. That's good, 'cause it pays our salaries!

A good part of the past week is that we got to take in some shows and relax a little on our days off. I think we spent less than $20 going to three shows and that was on popcorn and such. More from the workamping world later!

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