Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rolling on the River (or lake??)

Over twelve inches of rain have fallen in the last ten days. I have said we are both suffering from SAD (seasonal anxiety disorder). We have caught a two day reprieve and now it looks like rain for the next two days. You should got to my Facebook page and the one for the Port of Kimberling to get an idea of what kind of damage we received. Now we have to clean up as the water recedes. We have filled this enormous trailer they have here 3 times with debris we have raked up. All a part of workamping...we never know what obstacles we might encounter. As hard as we work cleaning up, we also have our day to day chores to worry about. Plus the bosses list-which includes digging post holes, mowing, weedeating. etc. Then we have to entertain whatever the owners whims might be. Keeps life interesting, I guess. Short story long, I raked and raked this morning and then was told to dig post holes for site signs. Then the boss said to wrap that up and pitch in on storm cleanup. More raking and shoveling. Man am I tired! A LONG shift to say the least. More later (when I recover)!

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