Sunday, May 22, 2011


I wasn't trying to use a "big" word to title this post; it just fit. Yesterday was the grand opening of the hotel where we are workamping. We had Senators, Representatives, mayors and more in attendance. Tours of the hotel resulted in almost universal praise of the facility. I stepped into yet another pair of shoes yesterday and toiled at keeping the garbage picked up and the facility presentable. Workamping is definitely not for those who think some jobs are beneath them. All in all a high note in our stay here.

On a very low note, a dear friend passed suddenly yesterday. We knew him from our days on the competitive chili circuit. He was talented and sang and played in a group named the Paperboys. He always seemed to have an upbeat attitude and we shared many a good time together. He did not survive a heart attack; which seems odd these days with all the awareness and advances in that field. Further adding to the oddity; at least three or four of us have all had close calls lately. And, I believe, all of us though that we were a lot closer to meeting our maker than him. Reality likes to let you know she is here on regular basis. Sad indeed.

So, I'm ruminating.

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