Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wacky Weather (Again!) and More

Most workamping jobs put you in a place where you can recreate, using the surrounding facilities. We have canoed, rafted, rode horses, rode ATV's, etc. It finally got really hot here (high 80's) and we had a chance to ride jet skis. I have to say this was a first for me. We had the choice of a Yamaha Wave Runner and a "hot rod" I can't remember the name of. I got comfortable on the Wave Runner while Missy and our host zipped around leaving me in their wake. I tried switching Missy over to the Wave Runner in the middle of the lake and...into the water we went. Anyway, fun was had by all and I got the "hot rod" up to near 70 mph! The day ended with hot pizza and cold tea-we had a great time. CAUTION-jet ski's are addicting!! Well, 3-4 days later and we can't break 60 degrees during the day and 40 at night. The campers are showing up, though, so that's good. We had a "soft opening" at the hotel the other night and management asked us to attend. VIP's and invited guests only! Lot's of fun and food and it's a swanky place. Did I mention the food? My sister would love the rooms and she can be picky ( -: By the way the food caterer has opened his cafe on the marina side and it has great food. Things are picking up steam here with Memorial day right around the corner along with the Grand Opening of the hotel. More soon!

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