Friday, June 17, 2011

Fathers Day

The recent lost of my father has caused me to reflect on the ways I mark someone's passing . Things I shared with the individual come to mind, but holidays always make me pause. I think everyone has regrets, some more than others. Regrets tingle my memory, but; for the most part, I don't dwell on them. I mark the passage after loss as each holiday without the deceased passes; especially the first one. I think it's the hardest. My father and I had some rough times which I now mostly attribute to my ignorance. I didn't appreciate the sacrifice his dedication to serving our country cost him. Having a dedicated military man as a father is a tough road to hoe-for both parties. Now, in hindsight, the lessons I resisted that he tried to teach me have made me the individual that I am. I now realize my better qualities come from my upbringing. My worse side was all due to the path(s) I chose, some in complete disregard to all that I'd been taught. It's funny that I think a lot of things could be better in our world if kids today were brought up with the values I was taught. Kids today could stand to respect their elders better and exercise gentility and politeness in dealing with others. It's not complicated, really. A little "Yes Mam, Yes Sir, Please and Thank You" can go a long way. Respect your elders; despite your foregone conclusions, for what they are and the roads they've travelled, rather than condemning them for trying to teach you things. My father should be proud that he left a memory of a man who believed in a lot of things we seem to have forgotten today. His integrity and name were the most important things he had. He always protected and valued them. If you still have your father, treasure your time with him and try to appreciate the things he wants to impart to you. I am blessed that I have a treasure trove of memories to carry with me, I hope you do too,
Happy Fathers Day.

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