Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This is a mish mash today-no specific topic. Just discussing workamping in general. We took advantage of our positions in the hospitality/tourism industry and visited the local water park at a severe discount over our last days off . We're allowed to bring a guest or two, so we invited a friends wife and her three children. We had a great time even though we are sunburned a bit. The water park has limited days that we're allowed to do this, so we took advantage. Although there are no rides here, we can turn to our local lake to take a dip in later.
We lost two workampers over the last week. The "wife" half was struggling in the office and the "husband" half did not like the "scope" of the maintenance work. This is a large complex with a lot of things going on. To be truthful, I was a little leery at first; especially working in the hotel. To the facilities credit; a lot has been asked of everyone because of the flooding on the lake. This workamper didn't see painting and cleaning a restroom as part of his duties. The problems his wife was having probably didn't help. So now, all of our schedules have changed and everyone will have to work a little harder. You have to be real flexible in the "workamping world". During the season you can forget about having weekends and holidays off. Requested time off is frowned upon and needs a good reason.
Other than that, it's hot and summer just started. That's the "mish mash" for today!

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